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Self Defense 4-week Workshop

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We've put together the ultimate 4-week workshop. Learn how to defend yourself with your own hands against any assailant. The purpose of our Self Defense courses is for you to gain confidence and situational awareness to protect yourself and others from endangering situations. We teach you how to use everyday items and everyday situations to learn how to stop an attacker cold in their tracks.

Workshop Price: $99

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

October 2018

We've designed this series workshop for all the pregnant mommas out there! Prenatal Yoga prepares your body for labor and delivery, helps you better connect with our baby, eases pregnancy pains and stressors, and puts you on the path to a healthy pregnancy. Taught by our founder and Labor & Delivery specialists, Katie Goodhart, RN, MSN - this series is dedicated to teaching you (experienced or inexperienced yogi) healthy and sage practices during your pregnancy.

Workshop Price: $150

Not sure if you're ready for Prenatal Yoga? Get in touch with Katie.

Detox Your Life

October 2018

No matter what stage of your life you are in, you might have some baggage. During this weekend workshop we're teaching you the beauty of letting go the "stuff" you don't need. Whether it's a relationship, job, health concern, traumatic experience, weight concerns, or how you view yourself - this workshop is just what you need. Join us for a weekend of finding yourself.

Workshop Price: $125

Yoga for the Injured

October 2018

This one day workshop is ideal for everyone and anyone with an injury that just won't heal. Back problems? Knee's that bother you? An old sport injury? We'll be teaching you how to strengthen and stretch on your own, while finding the right movements that work for your body. You'll learn the proper body alignment and mechanics to sooth the nerves surrounding your injury. Come join us to learn how you can help calm your body and better heal that pesky injury. 

Workshop Price: $99